At the Crossroads of Empire: the Longobard Church of Sant’Ambrogio by Jack Gunn

by Jack Gunn, BA History It didn’t take me long to realise that this research scholarship was going to be an experience to treasure. I had dubbed it “My Trip of Firsts” and it would certainly become that in regard to the first time flying on my own, taking part in academic research and field … Continue reading “At the Crossroads of Empire: the Longobard Church of Sant’Ambrogio by Jack Gunn”

Postgraduate Placement Scheme: Investigating the Architecture of Iron Age Marsh Forts

Jess Stevens (MRes Archaeology) spent her summer working with Prof Henry Chapman and fellow Postgrad Theo Reeves to explore the architecture of Iron Age marsh-forts, and discovered that mapping their layout can sometimes lead to more questions.

Interpreting and Planning the Landscape Architecture of Iron Age Marsh-Forts

In 2018, the College of Arts and Law funded several Postgraduate Placements, one of which supported a project aiming to shed more light on the poorly understood Iron Age Marsh-Forts. The project was led by the recent recipient of the Award for Outstanding Impact in Culture, Prof Henry Chapman, ably assisted by two Postgraduates including Theo Reeves, who shares his experiences here.

At the Crossroads of Empires: the Longobard Church of Sant’Ambrogio at Montecorvino Rovella (Salerno), Italy

Sean Deans (BA Ancient and Medieval History) shares his experiences of working with the ‘At the Crossroad of Empires’ project team to research an early medieval church in Italy, which encompassed everything from archaeological surveying and interviewing local residents to meeting the Mayor and attending a saxophone concert!