CCLC Profiles: Dr Amy Burge

Meet the people behind our centre, discover their areas of expertise, interests, and recommendations. Dr Amy Burge is a lecturer in Popular Fiction at the University of Birmingham and is the co-director of the CCLC. Her teaching and research interests are in popular fiction, in particular romance, both medieval and modern. Her work is intersectional … Continue reading “CCLC Profiles: Dr Amy Burge”

Jessica Pressman: ‘Loving Books in a Digital Age’ (19/05/21)

Following an introduction from Birmingham’s Professor David James and Dr Rebecca Roach, Jessica Pressman, Associate Professor at San Diego State U, kicked off her online CCLC event about how books and our relationship to them give meaning to our lives in digital media. Through an expansive presentation that covered what and how we read, the … Continue reading “Jessica Pressman: ‘Loving Books in a Digital Age’ (19/05/21)”