Student Election Special 2020

As the blazing heat of the Dubai sun becomes more bearable, and posters are showcased on students’ social medias, it can only mean that the University of Birmingham Dubai’s Student Leader elections are upon us. Each year, six students are democratically nominated for the position of Student Leaders. Given the academic pressure that comes along … Continue reading “Student Election Special 2020”

Hello and Goodbye: Reflections from the 2019-20 Student President

My initial reaction to the request of writing a blog post about my experience as student body president was- “I have to come up with something quirky with nuances of deeper meanings that would resonate with everyone.” You may be wondering- why put so much pressure on yourself? Simply convey your thoughts in a fashion … Continue reading “Hello and Goodbye: Reflections from the 2019-20 Student President”

Online Learning: Adapting to Our New Reality

2020 has been such a wild ride. The year of the BLM protests, the year of the virus which I refuse to name, the year of social unrest and the year of lockdowns and isolations. It has been quite a lot to deal with and it was all so unexpected.  Who would have thought our … Continue reading “Online Learning: Adapting to Our New Reality”

A New Hope – Welcome 2020

Obi-Wan Kenobi once said ​“In my experience there is no such thing as luck”​ And that’s true. All of us students studying at the University Of Birmingham Dubai have not come here because of our luck but because of our constant hard work and determination. I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia the day I … Continue reading “A New Hope – Welcome 2020”