Living in Dubai during the Pandemic

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This year has been an adventure into the unknown. By the end of March, many of us were enclosed in makeshift home offices, while others were looking at production lines that were only partially staffed. We were confronted with something we weren’t used to being confronted with because of the Coronavirus.

This beginning of 2020 has not been an easy time for anyone. However, residing in Dubai during the pandemic has been an experience like none other, providing an opportunity for a blend of a social and very safe lifestyle. The way the country handled the global situation is remarkable. Following weeks of the national sterilisation programme, every citizen has become more confident to go out and experience life, it’s been getting back to normal everyday. Whether you are watching the world’s largest fountain, The Palm Fountain, or meeting family and friends especially during festivals like Eid and Diwali. Every single place, be it malls or parks, has been welcoming countless number of people every single day alongside following all the rules that define the “new normal” – regular sterilisation, temperature checks, a distance of 2 meters between people, etc.

For millions of students globally, COVID-19 affected their much awaited university life in various ways. One of the most essential aspects of university life is being able to socialise with people on campus. It has been a blessing indeed to be able to experience university on campus absolutely safely as the pandemic continues. Two days of the week are spent strolling through the greenery outside the campus, then through a sanitising gate and into a classroom surrounded by amiable people, each of them 2 meters apart and with their faces half covered with the University of Birmingham mask! Every designated facility is regularly sanitised, assuring more and more of us to utilise the splendid opportunity of coming onto campus.

Meanwhile, as the situation continues to vary constantly, I really hope every single one of you all and your families are safe. Here are some activities to help you occupy yourself if you’re stuck inside the house:

  1. Try something new: Why not pick up a new hobby? You could do anything, from learning how to play an instrument, to building AirFix models or even knitting! You can also download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language.
  2. Get creative in the kitchen
  3. Work out regularly (it’s easy to procrastinate but think about how rewarding it will be!!)
  4. Virtual happy hour with friends

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Written by Anishaa, BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

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