Living in Dubai during the Pandemic

This year has been an adventure into the unknown. By the end of March, many of us were enclosed in makeshift home offices, while others were looking at production lines that were only partially staffed. We were confronted with something we weren’t used to being confronted with because of the Coronavirus. This beginning of 2020 … Continue reading “Living in Dubai during the Pandemic”

Your home away from home : Homesickness as an international student

Having the opportunity to study abroad is a chance most students are excited for. The chance to explore new cultures, live through new experiences and most times, attain a world-class education all sound fantastic. I certainly was more than thrilled to jump at it. However, this thrilling and exciting time comes with a bit of … Continue reading “Your home away from home : Homesickness as an international student”

Online Learning: Adapting to Our New Reality

2020 has been such a wild ride. The year of the BLM protests, the year of the virus which I refuse to name, the year of social unrest and the year of lockdowns and isolations. It has been quite a lot to deal with and it was all so unexpected.  Who would have thought our … Continue reading “Online Learning: Adapting to Our New Reality”