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Slow Science – 11th of June 5:15pm

Join us in the Westmere Hub on the 11th of June at 5:15pm for a discussion of Isabelle Stengers Another Science is Possible: A Manifesto for Slow Science. Stengers is a Professor of Philosophy of Science, and brings the speed of scientific development to task in this thrilling call for a new scientific practice. She argues for a science which no longer considers itself as the rational brain of humanity, acting from inside an obfuscated space outside of public purview. Instead, science should be an open and honest engagement with an intelligent public, as well as clear about the kinds of knowledge it is producing.

We will be looking at the chapter titled: ”Another Science is Possible’, A Plea for Slow Science’. As ever, you are welcome to read as much or as little of the text as you like before the session. Please arrive before 5:15pm if possible so the session can start as promptly as possible.

Snail Science

For access to the reading, please contact: Ben @ bxh873@student.bham.ac.uk

Ben has also recommended this song by ‘Night Tide’ to listen to in anticipation of the session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erx2GnTFe8c&feature=youtu.be

As with our previous session, there will be snacks provided. We look forward to discussing Stengers’s work with you all!

Arzu, Niall & Ben.