Page Breaks: The Language of Kindness, with Prof David James

On Thu 4 June, Professor David James will be joining us to talk through his recent work on medical memoirs, and the intersections of life-writing, activism, and personal confession. David is keen to discuss the questions he’s still grappling with, and is curious to hear how we’ll respond to the extract for this week, from … Continue reading “Page Breaks: The Language of Kindness, with Prof David James”

26 May 2020 by

Works Loved Teach Out: Solidarity and Resistance

To mark the UCU industrial action, we’re planning to run an off-campus teach out session using our regular ‘Works Loved’ format. We invite you to share any favourite text that relates to themes of solidarity and resistance. Are there books that you return to in challenging times? Texts that capture instances of activism and protest, … Continue reading “Works Loved Teach Out: Solidarity and Resistance”

11 February 2020 by

Page Breaks Teaching Special (Wed 5 Feb 2:30pm)

This week’s Page Breaks will be an informal special session to reflect on tips and techniques for teaching undergraduate seminars, including suggestions for preparation and ways to prompt discussion. We’ll share examples of good (and bad!) teaching experiences, and exchange ideas on what has worked well in different seminar contexts.

29 January 2020 by

Page Breaks (Wed 22 Jan) Mars is Heaven!

Ray Bradbury’s short story ‘The Third Expedition’, first published as ‘Mars is Heaven’ in 1948 and later collected in The Martian Chronicles, describes the arrival of a space expedition on Mars whose crew discover a seemingly familiar American town.

20 January 2020 by