Postgraduate Research Community

Welcome! This page is here to outline some of the networks and activities available to you as a postgraduate researcher in English Literature at Birmingham. In addition to this page, we also encourage you to take a look at the EDACS research pages online, which include more information and opportunities, and the University Graduate School at Westmere.

Page Breaks

Page Breaks is an informal, regular meeting space for postgraduate researchers in English Literature. We meet on Wednesday lunchtimes during termtime, and our usual format is discussion of a short text, chosen by postgrads and/or staff. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to email or contact us in advance. We hope to see you there!

Research Days

We host regular Research Days for postgraduate researchers in English Literature. This is an opportunity to work on your own research, while knowing that others are working at the same time, with periodic zoom calls to set and reflect on goals. It’s a mutually supportive space and can be especially useful for concentrating on tasks you’ve been putting off! The day usually runs from 9:30 am – 4.30 pm, though most of this will be individual work time.

Reading groups, research networks, and other regular events

There is a thriving community of postgrad-led reading groups, research networks, and other events in English literature and related areas. Check out this page for a list of current and ongoing regular activities.

EDACS Research Centres

EDACS Research Centres events include visiting speakers, seminars, screenings, and other events. For a list of upcoming events, please see the EDACS Research Events page. To find out more about Research Centres in EDACS, browse details of different centres on the EDACS web pages.

Building new networks

If you’re interested in starting a new reading group, network, or other event, you can find some general tips and starting-points on this advice page.