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Page Breaks: Zadie Smith, Intimations

Detail from Georgia O’Keeffe, Pink Tulip 1926

Page Breaks this week will be on Wed 21 October at 1pm. We’ll be reading ‘A Hovering Young Man’ and ‘Something to Do’, from Zadie Smith’s recently published collection, Intimations.

“When I am writing, space and time itself bend to my will! Through the medium of tenses!” (Zadie Smith, Intimations)

Text (Reading)

  • Zadie Smith, Intimations: ‘A Hovering Young Man’ (pp.48-52) and ‘Something to Do’ (pp.16-25). 
  • You can access this week’s reading on our texts page. The page is password protected – please email d.butchard@bham.ac.uk for the password and/or a copy of the reading. 

Time and Place

  • Wed 21 October, 1 pm
  • Zoom: Link (Password: pagebreaks)

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! This event is run by Dorothy Butchard and Toria Johnson (d.butchard@bham.ac.uk and t.johnson@bham.ac.uk). Please email us if you have any questions, but you’re welcome to just turn up.

About Page Breaks

This is an informal weekly reading group within the Department of English Literature. All welcome! 

Page Breaks: Postgraduate Seminar in English Literature