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Page Breaks – PIZZA (19 May)

This week, we’re reflecting on pizza, and more broadly on how food can help us think more intently about authenticity and identity.

“I view authenticity like a totalitarian state. It’s something that I think has been overvalued, but the reality is that it hasn’t been scrutinised enough. “

Text (Watching)

  • Pizza‘ Season 1, Episode 1 of David Chang’s Ugly Delicious (Netflix)

“Time” and Place

  • Wed 19 May, 1 pm
  • Zoom: Link (Password: pagebreaks)

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! This event is run by Dorothy Butchard and Toria Johnson (d.butchard@bham.ac.uk and t.johnson@bham.ac.uk). Please email us if you have any questions, but you’re welcome to just turn up.

About Page Breaks

This is an informal weekly reading group within the Department of English Literature. All welcome! https://blog.bham.ac.uk/englitpostgrad/page-breaks/