Contemporary Theory Reading Group

This is a postgraduate-led theory-focused reading group, which meets at Westmere Hub. All PGTs and PGRs are welcome.  If you are interested in contemporary theory, or just sharpening up on secondary reading for upcoming essays, articles, or presentations, we highly encourage you to attend. The group has found that even the most anomalous texts could provide useful new routes into thinking about your own work!

We will mail out texts via our mailing list ahead of each meeting, so please request to join if you are interested!

To be added to our mailing list for readings and updates please contact:

To help keep this group as open and as dynamic as possible, we are open to suggestions for future readings by all attendees. All types and areas of theory are welcome, although we like to keep texts within the last 30 years. We are especially interested in multimedia topics and suggestions. Please keep any ideas for reading as specific and short as possible (10-15 pages is ideal). If you have any ideas for future readings please contact either:

The group also has a Whatsapp chat for on the spot updates (and for PGTs to be able to request entry into the Westmere Hub). Again, if you’d like to be a part of this group please contact one of the above email addresses, or alternatively ask us in person at one of the sessions.

To explore texts we have discussed in the past, browse our previous readings: 

We look forward to seeing you!