Dystopias Reading Group

This is a postgraduate-led, text-focused reading group centred on the best genre of all literature: dystopian literature! Fascinated by the end of the world? Intrigued by totalitarian regimes? Enchanted by awful societies not too far from our own? Then this reading group is for you!

Dystopia enthusiasts at all stages in their academic careers (from first year undergraduates, to PGRs, to post-docs and staff) are welcome to attend, as are students from outside the College of Arts and Law. Once a month, the reading group will meet to discuss a particular dystopian text (primarily literature, although this may expand to other media: television and film, comics and graphic novels, and video games). Discussion prompts will be provided, although attendees are encouraged to bring their own discussion points to the meeting too.

Details of the month’s text, as well as the time, date, and location of the meeting will be disseminated via our reading list, so please request to join that list if you are interested! To be added to our mailing list for readings, details, and updates, please contact dystopiasbham@gmail.com

We also have a twitter account (@DystopiasBham), which will also contain similar information to the mailing list. In addition to that, questions that arise as the month’s text is read will be posted there, which will act as a ‘sneak peak’ of the discussion prompts of the main session. Members of the reading group are also welcome to send in their own questions to this account via DM, especially if they do not feel comfortable doing this in the session itself.

Please feel free to email the founder of the reading group, Liam, with any questions or queries that you may have. His email address is LJK930@student.bham.ac.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon!