Romance Reading Group

This group focuses on the genre everybody loves to hate: the popular romance.

From Hallmark and Disney movies to chick lit and erotica, we will be discussing all the interesting questions: is popular romance feminist? Can queer theory apply to romance? Why are readers fascinated by male predators? Are fat heroines desirable? All these and much more will be examined, questioned and potentially answered, in our free, helpful and fun reading group sessions. 

We are meeting every month – online for now – to stimulate your mind with thought-provoking and intriguing discussions on the brilliant genre of romance. We will debate, analyse, learn and fan-girl/boy over romance fiction, critics and theorists. 

So, no matter what stage you are in your academic careers (undergraduates, postgraduates, post-docs and staff) and regardless of your college or school, grab a cuppa and come along to one of our sessions. The texts will be short and sweet (ish), and from contemporary literature and the theories we will discuss include feminism, queer, intersectional and fat studies.

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