Why I Study Maths

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Last week I spoke to you guys about me studying maths and promised to explain more. So here it is…

I’ve always grown up loving maths – for the very vain reason that I thought I was always quite good at it. As I grew up, I began to understand the intricacies behind just learning my times tables or being able to add and subtract. Mathematics is a universal language that is understood by the best of minds across the world and this prompted me to want to get involved too. This answers why I chose to study maths, but why at the University of Birmingham?

Good question. When deciding on universities I wanted to move away from home because I wanted to experience something different. Naturally, with this mindset when applying, UoB wasn’t even one of my five choices. This was a really bad decision. There was so much more beauty to Birmingham that I hadn’t even experienced and there was absolutely no reason for me to move elsewhere when the entirety of Birmingham was right in front of me. From nature reserves to a vibrant city and campus all it took was an open day to change my mind. From then I withdraw all my other choices and asked UoB if I could apply. The rest was history.

I absolutely love it here and wouldn’t change my decision in any way whatsoever. Everything about this University stands out in such an elegant way, and this is a fact that I am reminded of every single day. From my morning lectures to walking to Bristol Road for food (a very big part of university life believe it or not) a day in the life of a maths student can be as busy or as peaceful as you want it to be. Typically, I’ll spend most of my day in the Nuffield Learning Centre – a really chill study space which is focused a little more on the chill and a little less on the study. I spend most of my time here because in my first year literally every single lecture was right across from there in the Poynting Physics Building (a bit weird how maths lectures were here right?) making it a very convenient place to hang out. It’s really important to have a good work-life balance, and I think finding a good place to work and chill is important to stay sane when uni life can get especially stressful, like in exam periods.

The next time I write I’ll be abroad in India, and talking about my break as well as all of the extracurriculars that you can get involved with at uni so stay tuned! Until next time.

Nuffield Learning Centre