Staying Productive

By John, Computer Science College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham This has been repeated again and again: university is nothing like college or high school. There are less assigned contact hours at university and especially now with the lock-down and social distancing measures – physically being in a classroom is becoming less … Continue reading “Staying Productive”

Revision Tips

By Caitlin, Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham Studying for exams can be a bit of an experience. It can be hard work and, at times, seem endless – learning every piece of information that has been thrown at you over the past year (or maybe longer)! However, I have … Continue reading “Revision Tips”

Staying Calm During Exams

Exams at universities across the UK typically take place from the start of May up until mid-June, where many courses may also have mid-term examinations during January of each year. However, for Mechanical Engineering, all the examinations take place in May. The timetable for first year engineers is usually arranged to sit papers for 5 … Continue reading “Staying Calm During Exams”

Tips for exam revision

Exams are an inevitable hurdle all students need to go through, in order to demonstrate our ability to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the year. That is literally all it is – however for many of us – we think of exams accompanied with much stress, but it really doesn’t have to be … Continue reading “Tips for exam revision”

The Best Revision Spots at UoB

Every student knows it’s vital to get the right study atmosphere in order to be productive, particularly when going through the gruelling revision period. Thankfully, our campus has countless formal and informal study spaces to suit everybody – so many that it can be difficult to know where to go. To celebrate the upcoming exam … Continue reading “The Best Revision Spots at UoB”

My Exam Tips

Exam season is rapidly approaching. Whether you’re a university student or taking your A-Levels this is a time that is feared by many and if you’re feeling at all stressed, then I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! I’ve just received my exam timetable, and my first exam is less than two months … Continue reading “My Exam Tips”

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