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This is something that I am so excited to talk about – my fav thing in life. Surprisingly, it’s not maths but something so much more crucial to the things that we do every single day. It’s food! FOOD FOOD FOOD! As a new student, I always struggled to find the things that would appease me in and around campus whilst saving me time and money – and I wanna make that a lot easier for you guys.

The first place on this list is Yakinori: This is fantastic for two reasons! There’s Halal Chicken and so as a Muslim it means that the menu isn’t restrictive for me. The regular box with Chicken Katsu and Japanese Curry Sauce is a dream come true and just being a little over £5 means that it doesn’t break the bank every time I go! They offer Grab and Go foods, and also offer a restaurant style dining experience – so whatever you’re in the mood for will be catered to.

Yakinori Chicken Katsu

Next is my personal fav – Rooster House: Roosters has always been the go-to for a tasty lunch break. Situated very close to campus, it offers very tasty food with enough time to get back to lectures. Within Roosters, there is also a Turkish Kitchen, which offers Turkish restaurant style food. And recently they’ve also included a Breakfast Bar, offering milkshakes, cakes and full English breakfasts, making Rooster House the venue for food anytime of the day! It’s also not as expensive as some of the other places that I’ll talk about, and as a student this is such a big blessing.

Next is somewhere that every student will already know about, but it’s so amazing that I just have to talk about it here as well! Subway: Placed literally opposite the Guild it wins the convenience competition with ease. It’s also fully customisable which I love, because that means every time I’m feeling something new I know that there’ll be a way to have it! Don’t even get me started on the cookies that they offer – so bad for me and yet so so good.

I wouldn’t have the space or time to fit in every single food place that I’ve been to in and around campus. There are so many options with so many budgets in mind that you can decide what you want and there’ll always be somewhere to go. That is what makes Birmingham so amazing!

I’ll be blogging again so keep an eye out! Mohsin.