Extracurricular and Societies in EPS

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By Sara, Civil Engineering
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham

From the large amount of EPS societies in our university, I’m going to start by the one I’m most loyal to – CivSoc! From staff vs students’ football to bar crawls, you are guaranteed to have fun whilst also networking at the same time.

If you are interested in civil engineering, there is also the concrete canoe society (yes, a floating canoe made out of concrete because why not?) or if you are not yet decided on the type of engineering you want to do, Engineers Without Borders gives you a chance to become a STEM ambassador and invite school students to be part of the engineering world (which is not only fun, but is also a good addition to your CV).

Engineering Spring Ball

One of the best things about UOB societies, in general, is the opportunity to become a jack of all trades. You can be a civil engineer and still know how to build a car through UoB Racing! Another great thing is that you need no background knowledge to join a society and, whatever interest you have, we probably have a society for it with people just as passionate about the topic as you are!

As an Engineering student, I think we would all agree that the extracurricular highlight for most of us is the Engineering Spring Ball – this alone is a reason to consider UoB! Usually, the event takes place at the beautiful Botanical Gardens and with everyone dressing up and having a great time, it definitely is a highlight of the year.