My experience of societies at the University of Birmingham

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By James, Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham

While I may not be able to cover the vast array of societies on offer at the University of Birmingham, I will today touch on the few I have been involved with during my time at the University.

Engineering Eagles
The Eagles teams cover a wide range of different sports. These are basketball, hockey, netball, and football. This involves coming together with all other disciplines and students of all years that study engineering to form a team. In the case of hockey, there are two teams and you compete against other departments on a weekly basis. This includes a weekly training session as well as a match, with it being common to head to the pub after the match for a drink. As part of the society, there are additional socials run throughout the year that can vary from nights out to society quizzes. Eagles has provided me with a great opportunity to meet people outside of lectures, and I even got to know someone who later turned out to be part of my Integrated Design Project Group in first year. This meant I already had a connection in my group to someone I knew well and have worked with before, although in a different setting. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing for Eagles and would highly recommend it to experienced players and newbies alike.

Bad Film Society
Another society I have attended is Bad Film Society. This meets weekly and, for the small fee of £1 for the entire year, members get to ‘enjoy’ a film the society has chosen. I say ‘enjoy’ as the films chosen are, purposely, bad – expect films you’ve never heard of from genres you’ve never heard of. However, although the film may be questionable, the evening is definitely enjoyable thanks to the atmosphere created by drawing competitions, snacks brought by members, and the sound of a group laughing together. The society has also hosted events in the City itself, such as a trip to the Mockingbird Cinema in the Custard Factory. This was a private viewing, and members visited Digbeth Dining Club beforehand for food.

Electrical Engineering Society
As a course-based society, this allows for meeting your peers in a more informal environment. Not only do these include people from your own year of study, but other years as well, which gives you the chance to build connections with lots of different people. There’s a wide range of events on offer, from academic events including career focused sessions, to extra-curricular events such as Balls. As a result of attending this society’s events, I have got to know many different people, and this really helped me settle in to University life.

Cocktail Society
This society meets less regularly than others but is always very popular. The society hosts themed events a few times throughout each semester, and past events have included a Halloween event, circus-themed event, and cocktails based on different kinds of sweets. The events allow for trying and making cocktails that you would not be able to try anywhere else due to the creativity of the ingredients and the price. This society costs students £5 for each event and this includes making and drinking five cocktails, with all equipment provided, which is a much lower price for a cocktail than anywhere else I’ve found in Birmingham!

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed all the different society events I have attended so far at the University of Birmingham, and truly believe there’s a society out there for everyone.