What makes the University of Birmingham unique?

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By Varan, Computer Science
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham

What makes the University of Birmingham unique is the fact that it is a campus university which is so well integrated within the city. The beautiful campus is well positioned, being in a good area where there is lots of greenery, yet it is well connected to the city centre with good transport links, such as buses and trains. Our university is the only one with a dedicated train station which gives both our commuting students and students living in accommodation easy access to the rest of the city and the UK.

Moreover, another unique aspect of the University of Birmingham is the unity and diversity within its community. Birmingham as a city has a vibrant and international community with individuals from many different countries and cultures, something which is also reflected in its student community. Also, with so many different student societies on offer at the Guild of Students that bring together students of different backgrounds, and provide a safe space to partake in familiar and comforting activities, there truly is a place for everyone here.

One final thing which makes the University of Birmingham so unique is the amazing well-being support offered by the university to the students. For example, there are well-being officers in every department who can help with extending deadlines and provide emotional support. Additionally, we also have UBHeard (a confidential listening and support service for students), the Guild of Students, and other 24/7 call support services to help students deal with hard times.