Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student

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By Varan, Computer Science
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham

I usually start my day around 10 or 11 am depending whenever my first lecture is. I have around two lectures everyday that last around one hour each, so my day isn’t very hectic. I then mostly go back to my accommodation to have lunch and to the gym after that . I try to go to the library every other day so I can keep up with my studies . All our lectures are recorded so I can sit and go through the lectures at a later point, if I ever miss my class .

I also have one tutorial lecture and one lab class every week that helps me with my coding doubts. Our Wednesday’s are usually free for sports activities so I also play football for my student society. When I am not doing that, I go to play basketball in Selly Oak with my friends.

Everyday is different for me but I always try to meet my friends and course-mates each day because I feel socialising is very important part of our student lives . Connecting with people can really help to improve your communication skills.

I have now finished my first year but I can’t wait to begin my second year in September – I am sure it will be just as fun as my first!