How to tackle writing university assignments (a materials engineers view!)

This month I find myself approaching the day that every uni student must face: dissertation deadline day. As I (hastily) type, calculate, plot and reference my way to a finished final year report, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my assignment writing skills have developed during my time at uni. At first. writing university-style … Continue reading “How to tackle writing university assignments (a materials engineers view!)”

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BUMS: Our Departmental Society and Why You Should Get Involved

Almost every subject at UoB has a dedicated departmental society, and in materials engineering we are no exception. If you’ve ever seen someone around campus wearing a t-shirt saying “I <3 BUMS”, don’t be too alarmed: they’re probably a member of Birmingham University Materials Society. Despite our slightly unfortunate acronym, BUMS is a great society … Continue reading “BUMS: Our Departmental Society and Why You Should Get Involved”

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Surviving first year Mechanical Engineering

‘Experiencing the university life will be the best 3 to 4 years of your life.’ This rumour is widespread among peers and secondary school students, but is this a myth or a statement?                 Undeniably, there is a massive gap between studying at Sixth Form and at University. Independence is the biggest factor that worries … Continue reading “Surviving first year Mechanical Engineering”

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Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

As December has arrived and the big Christmas day is gradually approaching, the city of Birmingham is filled with festive joy! Starting from mid-November to late December, the largest authentic Frankfurt Christmas Market outside of Germany or Austria is hosted at Birmingham every year. The famous event attracts locals and tourists from different cities, with … Continue reading “Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market”

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But what’s next?

So, my placement has finally come to an end. After a little over a year (54 weeks to be precise), I’ve handed back the staff access pass and said my final goodbyes. Reaching the end of the placement has brought with it very mixed feelings, I’m glad to have finished and I’m looking forward to … Continue reading “But what’s next?”

Year in Industry – Synthomer PLC by John Redwood

Having settled into my seat on the plane I allowed myself a moment to reflect upon the solid foundation gained at work so far and upon the challenges I was to face over the forthcoming six months.  At this point I had been on placement for a little over seven months working at Synthomer’s Harlow … Continue reading “Year in Industry – Synthomer PLC by John Redwood”

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