Skills4Uni – A free on-line resource from the University of Birmingham to help you prepare to study at University

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An overview of the University of Birmingham’s free on-line Skills4Uni module. It’s suitable for Year 12 and Year 13 students as well as those already at university who would like a bit of a refresher.



Skills4Uni is a fantastic, free on-line module, which provides help and support to prepare you to study at university. The interactive module has sections which cover the range of skills that will be invaluable to you as you start university study.


Prepare for learning – what’s different about learning at uni? How to approach new learning methods.



Participate – you are a partner in your own education – what does this mean for you as a student? How to communicate with tutors and respond to feedback effectively.


Find information – How do you find the information and data you need? How do you check the quality of your sources?


Research well – Research information to develop your own ideas. Take effective notes. Prepare for referencing. Avoid plagiarism.



Communicate your ideas – Different ways of communicating ideas in presentations, reports and other writing. Structure and plan your own work. Formulate your own questions.


Calculate – Brush up on some core maths skills.




Reflect and evaluate – Plan how to prepare for university study, considering what you now know about being a successful learner. Reflect on the ways you will participate at uni.



Take some time now to master these skills and you’ll be in a fantastic position to start your university degree programme.

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Author: Clare Ray

Clare Ray is the College of Medical and Dental Sciences lead for Outreach and Widening Participation.