Mariam Zahid – My experience on the MPharm Pharmacy course

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International student Mariam Zahid talks you through her experience on the MPharm Pharmacy course.

“As an international student from Canada, you wouldn’t expect the two countries to be that different. However, when I started my course at the University of Birmingham, nothing was the same as back home except for the common language of English. When I started my first day on the course, I was overwhelmed with feelings of nervousness. I gained a lot of confidence and began to join a lot of societies, BLS (basic life support) instructing and much more!

My personal tutor supported me through everything in first year and I have now made it to fourth year due to her consistent support and help. The support provided in university is endless from the MPharm office and your personal tutor. It really helps make your experience a lot nicer.

The most intense year was second year, however the most fun for me also. I realised the method of learning for myself and made amazing friends and hence the year got a lot better for me.

The best part of the course is the number of placements. A lot of the medications that I am aware of has been taught by the university-organised placements which become very useful after second year as you are more familiar with all of the medication names and mechanisms of action. In addition, the beautiful medical school and campus really makes the experience a lot better and enjoyable.”

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