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Per the above flier, we are searching for material to help us curate a museum exhibit on the memory of Basque children evacuated during the Civil War.

In particular, we are looking for photographs, documents, and items owned by or associated with these children. This material will form part of the artistic work created by Judith Martínez Estrada.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or want to get in touch, please contact us at




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  1. Good day, my name is Sabina Fernández de Perry granddaughter of Ricardo Fernández Orsi, Master of the SS Habana which transported in different evacuations between May and June 1937 from the harbour of Santurce hundreds of basque children refugees together with an accompagning staff. I grew up with these special memories since I shared 22 years with my spanish grandparents in Bordeaux together with my mother who remained very traumatised by the consequences of the second world war during the nazi occupation of the French territory. The republican refugees were persecuted and enjailed to end up in nazi concentration camps. I have participated in Bilbao in two reunions with school classes (basque and french) and “children” in their 80ties. Last april a secondary school in Segovia invited me to tell my grandfather s’ odyssey in 6 trips to different harbours in Europe and his fate after entering France in February 39.
    For whatever you might need to know I shall be around.
    sincerely Sabina

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