Genre Worlds: Australian Popular Fiction in the Twenty-First Century

by Eliza Murphy Australian popular fiction has been the most significant area of growth in the nation’s publishing industry since the turn of the century. What’s more, it hasn’t just grown, it’s also been successful, both nationally and internationally: this year, Claire G. Coleman’s debut fantasy novel Terra Nullius made the Stella Prize shortlist, and crime … Continue reading “Genre Worlds: Australian Popular Fiction in the Twenty-First Century”

Star Trek: Discovery Screening and Discussion

On Friday, Oct 19th at 11:00 in Alan Walters 112 (Seminar Room 3), we’re going to screen ‘Magic to make the Sanest Man Go Mad’, the 7th episode of Discovery, and then have a chat about it. Chairing the discussion are visiting speakers Sabrina Mittermeier and Marieke Spychala, the editors of the first academic collection on … Continue reading “Star Trek: Discovery Screening and Discussion”