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After a brief hiatus, the B-Film blog will be making a comeback (in a similar fashion to literally every conceivable pop-culture icon in existence, albeit with a touch less glitz). Many of the previous posts here showcase abstracts from the wonderful The Routledge Companion to World Cinema and, with its launch party fresh in our minds, this week certainly feels like the perfect time to revamp this platform.

Anyone who is seeing this blog for the first time should be sure to check out the back catalogue of posts. Rob has deftly covered a range of topics, including the conversations between films and the extended series to the effects of recent crises on European cinema. It is well worth a read! And, if you’re feeling particularly generous, drop a comment even if it’s just to say hi (I’m told it’s good for the search-engine optimization).

So, here’s the plan: this is where you, the PGR battalion, come in. B-Film will be taking submissions for the blog that showcase the rich variety of talents our group has to offer! Please email any prospective entries to wmckeown.jc@gmail.com. Word count should be circa 500 and entries that have been published elsewhere are welcomed, however, articles that have been written specifically with the B-Film blog in mind will be prioritized.

I look forward to reading your posts!



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