The Mirror Not Easily Seen Through by Hui-Han Chen

To interpret Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror (1975) without focusing on its literary symbols and metaphors is indeed a challenge with its poetic cinematic representation. Robert Bird’s Andrei Tarkovsky: Elements of Cinema (2008) divides his analysis of Tarkovsky’s works into four main topics: earth, fire, water, and air. All these four elements are interpreted in a similar … Continue reading “The Mirror Not Easily Seen Through by Hui-Han Chen”

Call Me by your Name – Review by Luis Freijo

Call me by your name – Review by Luis Freijo If I was compelled to describe Call Me by Your Name in just one statement, I would say that this film embodies the reason why, more than a century after its invention, we still go to a cinema theatre. To find stories, characters, feelings that … Continue reading “Call Me by your Name – Review by Luis Freijo”

Song of Granite – Review by Deirdre de Grae

Song of Granite (2017), was the opening film at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh. The film was introduced by the producer, Alan Maher (of Marcie Films), and the director, Pat Collins, who reminisced about his time as the Fleadh programmer in the 1990s. As this was the opening film, it screened to a full house, … Continue reading “Song of Granite – Review by Deirdre de Grae”

What just happened?

Term happened, in which classes pass like stations through my train window on a long journey towards Christmas. And despite the e-mails, meetings, seminars and tutorials tying me to the ticking clock, it all seems so fitfully unreal. As if bereaved, I blundered on after the referendum hoping the American presidential election would salve my … Continue reading “What just happened?”

Where were we?

Oh, yes!  Busy co-editing The Routledge Companion to World Cinema. In my absence one of our contributors has pulled out.  Yes, this close to the deadline for submission. All together now, ohmmmmm….ohmmmmm… But two very promising drafts have been submitted along with one revised  chapter and the feedback on my own chapter was that it … Continue reading “Where were we?”

Out of Office Reply

I’m still new to this. Does one put an out-of-office reply on a blog? Thank you for checking in with the B-Film blog. I am unable to post anything new for the next two weeks or so because I am on holiday.

Here’s One We Prepared Earlier

Regular readers of this blog (hello? echo!) will recall that prior to embarking upon The Routledge Companion to World Cinema Paul Cooke and I set about Screening European Heritage too. This was one of the main outputs of the AHRC funded project that we ran on which Paul was PI (private investigator), I was CI (central … Continue reading “Here’s One We Prepared Earlier”

Have Happened

The arguments against the cinema as a going concern seem to hold it down while long-form television administers a beating. Why waste your time and money on dreary flab like Batman versus Superman or Superman Lives or Iron Man 3 when Jessica Jones offers intelligent, original, subtle, affecting and exciting drama on tv? Why bother with hackneyed thrillers … Continue reading “Have Happened”

Catching A Wave

In all our haste to look forward with The Routledge Companion to World Cinema we sometimes forgot to look back too. Obviously new cinema movements don’t spring forth from nothing but exhibit, if only after careful dissection, the influences, legacies and reactions against other movements and examples of World cinemas. It’s no use looking at … Continue reading “Catching A Wave”