Out of Office Reply

I’m still new to this. Does one put an out-of-office reply on a blog? Thank you for checking in with the B-Film blog. I am unable to post anything new for the next two weeks or so because I am on holiday.

Here’s One We Prepared Earlier

Regular readers of this blog (hello? echo!) will recall that prior to embarking upon The Routledge Companion to World Cinema Paul Cooke and I set about Screening European Heritage too. This was one of the main outputs of the AHRC funded project that we ran on which Paul was PI (private investigator), I was CI (central … Continue reading “Here’s One We Prepared Earlier”

Have Happened

The arguments against the cinema as a going concern seem to hold it down while long-form television administers a beating. Why waste your time and money on dreary flab like Batman versus Superman or Superman Lives or Iron Man 3 when Jessica Jones offers intelligent, original, subtle, affecting and exciting drama on tv? Why bother with hackneyed thrillers … Continue reading “Have Happened”

Catching A Wave

In all our haste to look forward with The Routledge Companion to World Cinema we sometimes forgot to look back too. Obviously new cinema movements don’t spring forth from nothing but exhibit, if only after careful dissection, the influences, legacies and reactions against other movements and examples of World cinemas. It’s no use looking at … Continue reading “Catching A Wave”

Corners and Edges

Transnationalism has replaced the comfort zone of a ‘national’ cinema with the continual temporal and spatial redesign of its evolution and current condition, while tracking its provenance has erased hegemonic historical perspectives by revealing that globalization is less a contemporary phenomenon than a longstanding tradition for some and a dark secret for others. The limited … Continue reading “Corners and Edges”

Don’t Give Up The Day Job

One consequence of co-editing The Routledge Companion to World Cinema is that one’s horizons are continually expanding, as is one’s ‘to watch’ (i.e. to buy) list as fascinating films are described in chapters like restaurant reviews offering haptic descriptions of great meals. The problem is that when I find time to do my day job, … Continue reading “Don’t Give Up The Day Job”

Finished! (My Chapter, Not The Book)

I finished my chapter. Or at least the first draft of it. It’s too long but I don’t know what to cut and it’s gone off to external review in the hope that someone will tell me. It’s something of a culmination of theories that I’ve been following and developing since 2004, when I first … Continue reading “Finished! (My Chapter, Not The Book)”

So Where Were We?

If you’re counting, we’re up to chapter 15. 15 of 40. Except chapter 15 dropped out. So we’ll jump to 16 for the moment and come back to 15 when we’ve considered our options, rethought the structure and commissioned something new. Nobody could ever predict how an edited book might turn out. Not the publishers … Continue reading “So Where Were We?”