Join a BIG CONVERSATION and help us to shape a ‘Birmingham Futures Curriculum’

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During the next few months the University of Birmingham is embarking on a BIG CONVERSATION about the future of university education.

We all share an interest in the future of this great university, so we invite current and future students, staff, alumni, employers and other stakeholders to imagine life in 2026 and join a futures-oriented Big Conversation about university education. The aim is to engage as many stakeholders as possible in conversations that will help us to shape a distinctive and innovative ‘Birmingham Futures Curriculum’ that will ensure we remain at the cutting edge. For students, there are prizes for the most visionary contributions. So, this is your opportunity to leave a legacy.

We want to hear from you about:

How you think future changes in society will impact on undergraduate and postgraduate university education?

In 2026, how will universities be organised, students learn, staff teach and employers recruit?

What will today’s 8 year olds be expecting from their education future?


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    1. Hi – we launch later on this week so watch out for an email that will invite you to participate in the Big Conversation and highlight all they ways you can get involved. The Big Conversation will run until March so there will be lots of opportunity to share your thoughts.

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