What is the way forward? David Leppinen

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We do not know what is going to happen in the future. How is technology going to affect how students study? How is Brexit going to affect the ability of the University to attract non-UK students?

The University of Birmingham is extensively investing in the Physical Infrastructure of the Edgbaston Campus (i.e. the new Library, the Bramall Music building, the new Aston Webb Lecture Theatre, the soon to be complete Sports Hall, etc.). There are a number of new student residences which have been recently build or are nearing completion (presumably the UoB is a partner in these new residences).

Thus it seems clear that the University of Birmingham is planning for a long term future with students physically on campus and physically attending lectures. It is my belief that students attending lectures and being on Campus is a very good thing for the student experience. If all lectures were available totally online will students still be willing to pay the same tuition fees that they currently pay? If all lectures were totally online, why would the University invest in the Physical Infrastructure of the Campus?

I feel that the way forward is to coordinate our intake of student with the UK School Curriculum (does any remember A-Level inflation) with what perspective employers require. This will be a big challenge.

I am actively involved in teaching Overseas students and I very much enjoy this. What will happen as the result of Brexit?

The way forward presents many challenges. As a University do we provide online courses without requiring students to come on to campus? Do we extend our recruitment of overseas students in order to meet budget requirements? How do we make sure that we maximize the investment of the University of Birmingham in its Physical Infrastructure. How do we make sure that we maximize in the future the strengths of our current staff who have worked tirelessly to make the University of Birmingham what it is today?


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