What will be the main differences between the way your subject is taught now and the way it is likely to be taught in the future? (Institute of Clinical Sciences led workshop: discussion responses)

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In the future, for healthcare professional-oriented courses, there is likely to be much more of a need to teach students from different professions together in interprofessional groups. This might include a common initial curriculum that focuses on learning with patients, interpersonal skills, understanding information and presenting to others. It could extend to being a common foundation programme or it could be like the US model with first and second degrees, where students specialise in their chosen healthcare direction ‘later’ in the programme. The current trend is for different healthcare professionals e.g. PAs, Advanced nurse practitioners, Independent prescribers to have overlapping skills which supports this.

May have curricula that move away from the traditional term time to embrace opportunities for periods on placement learning and provide more time for interprofessional learning to happen on campus/ on placement. Funding support for this?

The general and transferable skills of (in their widest sense within a research-intensive University) numeracy, literacy, critical skills, adaptability etc. should form the basis in which subject-specific knowledge and ideas are developed. This would allow for more cross-disciplinary education (putting together students from different Colleges) with a better overall understanding of the contribution different professions make to society.

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