Bioscience students value campus based formats, including lectures and lecturers who also research, but they expect interactive and engaging teaching making use of the latest technology

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The School of Biosciences Student Staff Committee had a short breakout session to join in with the Big Conversation. There were 14 students from all four undergraduate years in Biosciences.

This is what our student reps said:

In 10 years time

  • We will still have face-to-face lectures
  • We will still learn from active researchers and students will gain experience in research as part of their course
  • Lectures will be highly interactive in order to engage students
  • Lectures will make use of technology
  • There will be more involvement from industry and students will be able to visit employers
  • Students in the future will need post graduate qualifications because of “degree inflation”
  • Students will want campus based courses because:
    • You develop life skills by moving away from home- you’d lose that with an online course.
    • It’s good to be around others your same age from different cultures and backgrounds (internationalisation)
    • Campus-based learning broadens your horizons, for example where you’ll work/settle.
    • Campus learning provides more structure to learning.
  • Employability/ life skills will be a compulsory course component
  • People skills will be really important to combat the increase in technology
  • Increased costs will mean there will be smaller numbers of students going to University- it will only be students who NEED a degree for their chosen profession.
  • Students will be able to gain a specific qualification showing that they have lab skills and experience

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