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Every year we employ UGRS alumni as ambassadors for the scheme. This year we have had a wonderful group of people working with us. If you apply to a UGRS project you too could continue to be involved  in the scheme after you have completed the scholarship, gaining further valuable experience and some extra money!

Here are what some of last years scholars got out of the scholarship and their subsequent experience as an ambassador:

Anjali (BA English)

What happened next?

Within the UGRS I contributed to a grant application requesting funding from the European Research Council. This experience helped me gain another position with a regional charity as a bid writer which is very fulfilling. The interviewer was visibly impressed when I narrated the skills I gained from the UGRS to her and it is definitely something I will continue to refer back to when proving my ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively.

What have you enjoyed about being an UGRS Ambassador?

In my role as a UGRS ambassador I ran the official Twitter account for 2 weeks which has been massively helpful experience for me as I am considering a career in marketing. Therefore, this will definitely boost my CV when I’m applying for internships. Speaking in front of a large group at the UGRS Applicant Workshop was an exciting challenge that has really bolstered my confidence in giving presentations. Being an ambassador for this scheme has been a great way to make some extra money this term as I could fit it around my studies and other commitments quite easily.


Oliver (BA History)

What happened next?

The scheme has opened up numerous opportunities for me, including supporting further research and working on conferences. I am currently in the process of considering these further steps and I am grateful for the opportunities the UGRS scheme has opened up to me

What have you enjoyed about being an UGRS Ambassador?

I’ve found the ambassador role to be fun and engaging. You have the amazing opportunity to work for five weeks with a respected academic on their latest research – and then someone offers to pay you to talk about what a fantastic experience it was. It was also a great way of extending my involvement with the UGRS, as well as being able to spend more time with other scholars.


Tiana (BA History with a Year Abroad)

What happened next?

I was fortunate to be able to work with the National Trust on my scholarship and so it fills me with pride to know that my research will be used by their property managers in the future as part of a wider project to decolonise the histories of these treasured houses. I was also lucky to be able to present my findings to a room full of National Trust managers and academics which was a fun and exciting experience!

What have you enjoyed about being an UGRS Ambassador?

I have really enjoyed being a UGRS ambassador as it has given me the chance to do so many different things, particularly boosting my confidence through promoting the scheme at lecture shouts and module fairs. I am very proud to have been a UGRS Scholar and so the chance to remain involved with the scheme and encourage others to apply has been fulfilling. 

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