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Digital Microscopes

August the first ! Exciting day for the GEES students !

Between working on mechanical engineering videos by reviewing captions and designing new contents for the chemical engineering and electrical engineering courses, today has been an opportunity to  get involved into the Earth Sciences department.

The successful meeting  with a staff member from the Earth Sciences department about the design of Pre-lab content on new microscopes meant to enhance the learning experience of GEES students, had one of us engaged in a project directly linked to her field of study.

Those new microscopes, not only will allow the sharing of live materials saw on the microscopes between both the students and the teachers but also will allow the careful monitoring of students activities by lab demonstrators for better in-lab assistance.

student using the digital microscope

Image showing a student using the digital microscope. Source: click here

The work that needs to be done will therefore be to create content that will brief the students to the functionalities of those microscopes so that they use them to their full potential. That will surely be an opportunity to use the long nurtured skills in Maple TA, HTML, JavaScript and CSS introduced to us from the start of the internship.

With that being said, those skills are currently needed to edit some of the courses we have been assigned to work on.

On that note, may the skills learnt so far carry us through the remainder of this internship !

Kande Raissa

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