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24/07/18 (Day 12 of the Ed Tech quest to greatness)

Day 12 in the CTL Ed Tech Intern program,  we arrived at a few minutes to 10 to find out that the computers had been moved from Nuffield G25. We were on the move again, luckily there was P9 in Ponyting Physics, which was there for us to set up and call home. Everyone got down to their respective canvas pages that they had been assigned.

We decide during our lunch break that we would take part in some team bonding exercises, in the form of watching a series together. The team that watches a series together progresses together,

After lunch we were told to vacate the room we were in by a very rude woman, that stated she had booked the room. Even though the electronic board outside did not correspond with that. Having admitted defeat we fled to the safety of G11, which with a bit of luck and a magic swipe we managed to get in to to complete out canvas tasks.

We devised a plan for tomorrow, which involved the chemists having a meeting with one of the members of department from Chemistry, which then took a turn for talking yields and marks with Tom and discussing the online tests and worksheets with them giving feedback on what they thought.

We didn’t get kicked out of any more rooms that day but there was always tomorrow.


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