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Visiting the CTL 

9th of August. Visiting the CTL

On Thursday the 9th of August, all of us CTL interns went to visit the new Collaborative Teaching Lab.

The building has three floors, one cafeteria and incorporates a wet lab, a dry lab and an e-lab that can accommodate a higher number of students than any other on-campus lab.

That state-of-art building will give an edge to STEM students in their education by efficiently equipping them to the skills required for them to work in industry and to undertake their research.

By the use of pre-lab, in-lab and post-lab contents, the teaching experience in rendered more interactive and contribute in facilitating more enquiry-based experiments.

Not only will the CTL be used primarily by students but also external organisations can take advantage of the facilities offered.

If like us you want to visit the CTL you are welcome to do so by following this link for Android users or this link for apple users for a virtual tour until it officially opens in autumn 2018.

On that note, here are some the pictures of our happy faces inside and outside of the building.

Interns inside the CTL

Interns inside the CTL. From left to right: James,Simon, Adam, Natalie and Raïssa

selfie of interns

Interns outside the CTL. From left to right: Raïssa, Natalie, James, Adam and Simon

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