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World Portuguese Language Day cocktail celebrations

Tchin Tchin!

OBRIGADA to Gisele Tyba Mayrink Redondo Orgado, Research Fellow in Portuguese Studies from Brazil, currently at the UoB, also galloping gourmet and cocktail maker extraordinaire!

At an event to mark World Portuguese Language Day (5 May), Gisele entertained a Zoom group of students and staff (lusophones and non lusophones) in the ways of making cocktails and mocktails [including Limonada Suíça, pictured above], whilst the audience also learned greetings in Portuguese, the subtle linguistic differences in Brazilian and European Portuguese between a lemon and a lime – in Brazilian, a lemon is a limāo siciliano and a lime is a limāo, in European Portuguese a lemon is limāo and a lime lima , cheek-kissing differences in Brazil and Portugal(!) and a host of fructificacious and culinary-related words.

A great evening enjoyed by all.


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