St George’s Day 23 April

St George’s Day is celebrated on 23 April by various Christian churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint, including England and regions of Spain and Portugal in particular.  Saint George is most widely known for slaying a dragon. According to legend, the only well in … Continue reading “St George’s Day 23 April”

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Pesach (Passover)

Pesach (Passover), which begins at sundown on 15 April, ending on the evening of 23 April, is a festival of freedom commemorating the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and their transition from slavery to freedom. It is one of the most important Jewish holidays. Passover, called Pesach, gets its name from when the Israelites were enslaved … Continue reading “Pesach (Passover)”

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Vaisakhi 14 April

Vaisakhi is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs and marks the beginning of the Hindu solar New Year. It was originally a harvest festival in the Punjab until it became Sikhism’s most important festival. Vaisakhi, also called Baisakhi, is the festival which celebrates the founding of the Sikh community, the Khalsa. In 1699, Sikhs from all over the … Continue reading “Vaisakhi 14 April”

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Rama Navami 10 April

Rama Navami is a spring Hindu festival celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayana, the Sanskrit epic of 24,000 stanzas. A continuous recital of the book takes place for about a week prior to the celebration and, on … Continue reading “Rama Navami 10 April”

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30th anniversary of the final issue of ‘Punch’

8 April 1992 saw the final issue of Punch, Britain’s oldest satirical magazine, after 150 years in publication. Punch, or The London Charivari (in homage to the French satirical magazine Le Charivari), was a weekly British satirical magazine whose artists and illustrators included John Tenniel (of Alice in Wonderland fame) and Archibald Henning. Its audience … Continue reading “30th anniversary of the final issue of ‘Punch’”

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The month of Ramadan is expected to begin on Monday 2 April, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Lasting for 30 days, this year Ramadan is expected to end on 1 May, depending on the sighting of the moon. The auspicious month of Ramadan is a time for reflection, contemplation and celebration.  Sawm … Continue reading “Ramadan”

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