UN Day — A Retrospective

Last week on Wednesday the 24th of October, the Cultural Calendar kick-started with its first celebration of the year: United Nations Day. In commemoration of this event, which traditionally celebrates the signing of the UN Charter, we organised activities across campus for students, staff, and visitors to take part in. We started the day with … Continue reading “UN Day — A Retrospective”

30 October 2018 by

Blog for a Chance to Win

The Cultural Calendar Blog would be nothing without its student contributions and because of this, the project team have decided to run a competition for bloggers. The premise of this competition is pretty simple: every blog post will be entered in to a draw each semester for the chance to win a cultural prize in … Continue reading “Blog for a Chance to Win”

19 October 2018 by

Do enjoy (and eat and drink) the chrysanthemums – The Chongyang Festival

The Chongyang Festival—also known as Double Ninth Festival—takes place on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, and this year falls on Oct. 17. It’s a time when families gather to hike up hills and admire chrysanthemums— activities that evolved from legends about dodging misfortune that date back 2,000 years, to … Continue reading “Do enjoy (and eat and drink) the chrysanthemums – The Chongyang Festival”

17 October 2018 by

from humble beginnings….

Welcome to a new project for the University of Birmingham called the ‘Cultural Calendar’. This project had humble beginnings in the School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music (LCAHM). In LCAHM, there is a wealth of cultural and international knowledge and experiences which students and academics were dying to share with the wider College … Continue reading “from humble beginnings….”

10 October 2018 by