Mass Observation Day

On 12 May, the Mass Observation Archive will be repeating its annual call for day diaries, capturing the everyday lives of people across the UK. The written diaries will be stored in the Archive at The Keep in Brighton and be used by a wide range of people for research, teaching and learning. In 1937 … Continue reading “Mass Observation Day”

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World Book Day 7 March

Post by Caitlin, Student Experience Ambassador World Book Day is on the 7th March and celebrates the joy of reading and aims to improve access to books for all children. As part of World Book Day, a variety of £1 books are put on sale to encourage accessible reading. They include stories for beginners, early, … Continue reading “World Book Day 7 March”

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Time to Talk Day: Breaking the Silence on Mental Health

Time to Talk Day, on February 1st, shines a light on mental health and its presence in our society. In a world where stigma and silence often prevent conversation regarding mental health, this day encourages open dialogue, empathy, and support. This day serves as a reminder that talking about mental health isn’t just beneficial; it’s … Continue reading “Time to Talk Day: Breaking the Silence on Mental Health”

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National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day recognises the value of puzzles including crosswords, jigsaws, word search and sudoku and is celebrated on 29 January. Spending time on puzzles improves memory, cognitive functions and problem solving skills. Different puzzles can test vocabulary or logical thinking. Whilst puzzles are now considered leisure activities, they were originally used for purely educational … Continue reading “National Puzzle Day”

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for all those who have died in war. It takes place on 11th November, the day that World War 1 ended with the country observing a minute of silence at 11am as a chance for reflection. Whilst the day first started as a commemoration of World War 1, … Continue reading “Remembrance Day”

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