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La Chandeleur 2 February

In France and Belgium, 2 February is a day often dedicated to the making and eating of crêpes.

Religiously, this day is known in the Christian faith as La Chandeleur or Candlemass, marking the day that Jesus was presented at the temple in Jerusalem and takes its name from the Christian tradition of bringing candles to the Church to be blessed on this day.

However, before becoming a religious holiday, this date was in fact a pagan celebration in honour of the Earth’s fertility and the end of winter. With a crêpe’s shape and colour inspiring thoughts of sunshine and the brighter days ahead, it is only natural for the consumption of such a food to be a significant part of the celebrations.

La Chandeleur is also a very superstitious day for the French. In order to foresee financial luck, one tradition states you should hold a coin in one hand and flip the crêpe in another. If you flip the crêpe without it falling on the floor, you will receive prosperity during the year. 

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