Welcome to the Covid Review Observatory (CVRO), where we record, track, and assess parliamentary reviews of UK responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from a human rights perspective.

On this website you can find out what COVID-19 review is and why it is important, as well as the different modes and mechanisms of parliamentary review across the four jurisdictions. You can also track what  parliaments in Westminster, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh are doing to subject government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic to review, and view the submissions that we are making to the reviews. These submissions aim at ensuring that human rights are systematically considered as part of COVID-19 review.

In due course, we will also publish analyses of these reviews, focusing on how independent they are, how evidence-based they are, how participatory they are, and how much they take into account the human rights impact of the pandemic responses they are reviewing. These analyses will be based on the principles for effective COVID-9 review that we outline here.

On our blog you can read our rapid-reaction analysis of parliamentary and other reviews of pandemic responses, and you can also follow our work through our twitter presence.