CVRO Submissions to COVID-19 Reviews (Scotland)


COVID-19 Committee, “COVID-19 legislation: next steps in 2021” (2021)

Scottish Parliament’s What Matters to You? Consultation on Priorities for the Scottish Parliament’s Committees Between 2021 and 2026, Priorities for the Covid Recovery Committee

Social Justice and Social Security Committee, “Legislative Scrutiny: Carer’s Allowance Suplement Bill (Scotland)” (2021)

Public Finance and Public Administration Committee, “Scotland’s public finances in 2022-23 and the impact of Covid” (2021)

Equality, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee, “Pre Budget Scrutiny 2021-22” (2021)

Delegated Powers and Legislative Reform Committee, “Use of the Made Affirmative Procedure During the Coronavirus Pandemic”  (including Annex CVRO evidence)