About the CVRO

The COVID Review Observatory is a resource that records, tracks, and assesses reviews of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from a human rights perspective.

On this website you will find out what the parliaments in Westminster, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh are doing to subject government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic to review. You will also find analysis of these reviews, focusing on how independent they are, how evidence-based they are, how participatory they are, and how much they take into account the human rights impact of the pandemic responses they are reviewing.


The CVRO is funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council under the UKRI scheme for Innovation Awards relating to COVID-19.

Who Runs the COVID-19 Review Observatory?

The COVID-19 Review Observatory is based at Birmingham Law School in the University of Birmingham. CVRO is led by Professor Fiona de Londras of Birmingham Law School. Daniella Lock is the research fellow working on the CVRO, and administrative support is provided by Ann Evans. You can find out more about the CVRO team on the project website.