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Weekly Writing Sessions (Summer 2019)

Weekly Writing Sessions

July-August 2019, University of Birmingham
Centre for Digital Cultures

Vicki Williams is organising a series of writing sessions throughout the summer, for PGRs in the Centre for Digital Cultures. The sessions will provide an informal setting to share and discuss ideas, whilst coming with set tasks and putting time aside for writing. Generally, we would ask that attendees come with some work they have in mind that they would like to complete, and then we will run the afternoon similarly to a ‘shut up and work’ session. Attendees will then be able to discuss what they’ve been able to achieve and potentially share work with others for feedback (given the following week). The first session (17th July) will be a chance to discuss ideas for the following weeks, and the kinds of set up attendees would like. We thought it might provide an opportunity for us all to come together over the summer and write in a less isolating environment!

If you would be interested in attending, please email Vicki Williams (VRW203@student.bham.ac.uk).