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Jonathan Bate – ‘Song of the Earth’ – (July 16th 5:15pm)

Great news! The Contemporary Theory group is set to continue for the next three weeks of July, and will instead break through August to resume in September. Next week on the 16th of July we will be reading the first chapter ‘Going, Going’ in Jonathan Bate’s ‘Song of the Earth’.

In ‘Song of the Earth’ Jonathan Bate traces the distinctions among “nature,” “culture,” and “environment” and shows how their meanings have changed since their appearance in the literature of the eighteenth century. All this building towards Bate’s crucial question: as we enter a new millennium ruled by technology, will poetry still matter?

As usual we will meet at 5:15pm in the Westmere Hub. We will then continue over the following weeks with the following texts:

  • 23rd of July (Week 8): Kodwo Eshun’s ‘Further Considerations on Afrofuturism’
  • 30th of July (Week 9): A section from Oxana Timofeeva’s ‘The History of Animals: A Philosophy’

To be added to our mailing list, and for access to readings, please contact: Ben Horn @ bxh873@student.bham.ac.uk

We look forward to meeting and discussing the texts with you!

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