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Romance Reading Group: Fat Heroines, Body Positivity and Romance

Our next Romance Reading Group online session is based on Fat Heroines, Body positivity and Romance!

Our next 20/21 session will be on Thursday 18th March 2021 from 17:30-19:00, so save the date in your calendars! It will be on: Fat heroines, Body Positivity and Romance.

Have you ever read a popular romance with a fat heroine?

If yes – RSVP now and join our discussion…
If no – RSVP now and join our discussion…


Everywhere we look at lately – television, social media, news sites and fashion magazines, government policy, etc. – we see fat women being (re)presented, discussed and marketed (at). In popular romance there is a similar proliferation of fat representation. Is the genre promoting body inclusivity; co-opting a popular commercial trend; reflecting the wider culture?

After you RSVP to our Romance Reading Group session (and you should, it’ll be awesome!) we’ll send you a few extracts and some questions to consider for our discussion. If you have time to read, great, but come along anyway. The excerpts are short and you can skim during our chat.

Hope to see you on 18th!