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Page Breaks – 17 December – Taylor Swift and the Weaponization of Memory

Our next Page Breaks session will be 17 December at 1 pm, and we’ll be discussing Taylor Swift’s re-recording project, the recent 10-minute drop of ‘All Too Well’ and the ‘weaponization of memory’. Thanks to Ellen for this suggestion!

Text (Watching + Listening)

Lots of information flying around on these topics, but here’s some optional background reading/watching. Get in touch with Toria (T.Johnson@bham.ac.uk) if you need a password to access:

“Time” and “Place”

  • FRIDAY 17 December, 1 pm
  • Zoom: Link (Password: pagebreaks)

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! This event is run by Dorothy Butchard and Toria Johnson (d.butchard@bham.ac.uk and t.johnson@bham.ac.uk). Please email us if you have any questions, but you’re welcome to just turn up.


Page Breaks is a (very) informal weekly reading group within the Department of English Literature. All welcome! 

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