8th March 2023 by

Romance Reading Group: Popular Romance Covers

This will be on Wednesday 15th March at 6:00pm BST via Zoom: RSVP here.

The Romance Reading Group is giddily welcoming its two new organizing members – Carly and Katie – and celebrating with its first spring session on popular romance covers. We have put together a selection of romance book covers that showcase different design styles and we would like you to join us with your own show and tell. Bring your favorite (or least favorite, or most cringe, etc.) or add your book covers here. 

Is a book cover a proper indication of the enclosed story? Are you annoyed by film/series adaptation covers? Which covers are the most marketable?

As always, you can just show up for a chat but if you have time, you can find some optional pre-session material attached below:

Text 1:  Ebook Launch (anonymous, n.d.): 30 Romance Novel Covers to Fall in Love With This Year – Ebook Launch

Text 2: Goris, An. Goris, An. “Hidden Codes of Love : The Materiality of the Category Romance Novel.” Belphégor. Littérature Populaire et Culture Médiatique, no. 13–1, 13–1, May 2015. journals.openedition.org, https://doi.org/10.4000/belphegor.616. [https://journals.openedition.org/belphegor/616] (Open access!)

Hope to see you there!