21st February 2024 by

Romance Reading Group – February Session: Rebecca Yarros’s Fourth Wing

Monday 26th February, 18:30-19:30 GMT, Zoom

The Romance Reading Group’s second session in 2024 focuses on another hit from last year: 

We might be late to the party, but at least we’re going! And by “party,” we mean the BookTok sensation Fourth Wing(hyperlink) by Rebecca Yarros, and by “going” we mean a nerdy get together with all of you romance lovers.

Romantasy is apparently a thing, and we’re here for it. Join us on 26th February to discuss the Violet and Xaden romance, how to train your dragon how to not be burned to a crisp by a dragon, publishing and promotion practices, and the relationship between romance and fantasy. If Evvie can manage to magic some time in advance to prepare, she will start the session with a brief intro on amborgs (think cyborgs, but with animals) as prosthesis and the amborg gaze. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sign up via: https://romancegroup.wixsite.com/home/event-details/rebecca-yarross-fourth-wing